FAQ – Can I watch an On-Demand VETgirl webinar if I am not a VETgirl member?

Can I watch an On-Demand VETgirl webinar if I am not a VETgirl member?

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VETgirl webinars, both LIVE and On-Demand are exclusive benefits for VETgirl members. VETgirl members receive 100+ hours of NEW CE each year. VETgirl members also have 24/7/365 access to our massive on-demand library so you can learn on your time!

The exception to the rule is that if a VETgirl webinar is sponsored, access/attendance and CE credit for the VETgirl On-Demand webinar is FREE for the veterinary community. If the webinar is sponsored and free, above the webinar photo you will see the word, “sponsored.” Example below:

In order to receive CE credit, non-VETgirl members must create a trial account (which is free). Trial (free) and ELITE (paid) VETgirl members will be able to take the quiz (which will appear as a tab under the webinar recording). For more information about CE credits, please click HERE.

If the webinar is NOT sponsored, non-VETgirl members will be able to purchase access to the on-demand webinar by clicking on the “BUY NOW” button on the top right of the webinar page. Example below:

After purchasing webinar access, you will receive an email with purchase confirmation and webinar instructions. The webinar page in question will become unlocked to the non-VETgirl member for registration until the live event is over. Once the LIVE event is over, the page will again be locked to VETgirl members only. At that time, the on-demand webinar can then be purchased. The on-demand webinar purchase will be accessible to the associate for 7 days following purchase. After 7 days the webinar will again be locked to VETgirl ELITE members only.

Importantly, following purchase you can click on they hyperlink in the email to navigate back to the purchased webinar (or use the CE library toolbar hyperlink). Following purchase you will have access to that specific webinar page and recording (as well as the CE quiz) for 7 days. Following this 7 day purchase period, the webinar will no longer be accessible unless you become a VETgirl ELITE member.

Any questions – LET US KNOW!

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