FAQ – Complimentary Membership

How do I apply for a complimentary VETgirl ELITE membership?

Become a Member

Veterinary students, veterinary nursing students, and veterinary military members are eligible for complimentary VETgirl ELITE memberships (noted on our membership page).

To apply, please click the JOIN VETgirl button on the top right of the website.

Click on the ELITE Membership option as you are applying for a complimentary VETgirl ELITE membership.

As you proceed, select your appropriate classification.

Importantly, you must then upload verification of your classification (veterinary student, veterinary technician student, or military). Veterinary students and veterinary technician students must also enter their graduation date. If the appropriate information is not filled out / sent, the application for complimentary membership will be denied.

Within 24 hours (in most cases) your application for complimentary membership will be reviewed, account upgraded from TRIAL to ELITE status, and you will be notified via email of your account upgrade.

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