FAQ – How do I get my webinar CE certificate?

How do I get my webinar CE certificate?

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There are 2 types of webinar certificates depending on how the webinar is viewed.  

OPTION 1: LIVE WEBINAR ATTENDANCE (see below for on-demand / recording webinar viewing)

If the online veterinary CE webinar is viewed live (the original broadcast), it will be regarded as active/interactive CE credit.  The CE certificate for active participation will be emailed to the participant within 48 hours of the webinar. Like attending a live in a classroom setting, where your CE certificate would be given to you following the lecture as you leave the classroom, VETgirl emails the CE certificates to you 48 hours following the completion of the webinar. These certificates are NOT automatically placed into your credit dashboard.

To attach the LIVE certificate to your account, download, print, and fill out the required fields. Once completed, scan and upload the certificate back to the VETgirl website.

OPTION 2: On-Demand, RECORDED webinar attendance

VETgirl ELITE subscribers have the freedom to view the recorded webinar at your convenience.  If a recorded webinar is viewed, this will be classified as passive/non-interactive CE.  A quiz will be required for CE credit for passive webinar credits.  

Similar to podcast certificates (podcast help center page), following successful quiz completion, the CE certificate will be found in your CE library.  

NOTE: In order to view / take the quiz you must be logged in at least as a (free) trial member. If you are not logged in as a TRIAL or ELITE member, the quiz will not appear.

Desktop computer: Click on the “Take the Quiz” tab/button below the webinar recording. Screenshot

Mobile device: Click on the “Description” button. This will open the dropdown menu where you will select “Take the Quiz.” Screenshot

Once you successfully take and pass the quiz, that button will no longer be present. Instead, “CE CERTIFICATE” will appear which, when clicked on, will take you to your CE credit dashboard to download / print your certificate.

If you are unable to open your PDF CE certificate, please make certain your browser is enabled to open / view / download PDFs. You can view this help center document for further support.

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