FAQ – TEAM Membership

FAQ - TEAM Membership

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Here at VETgirl, we’re passionate about providing clinically relevant, practical, real-life online veterinary CE. After all, that’s what helps us save lives and make us a better, smarter veterinary team.

We know that you have your choice of other online veterinary CE sources out there. So how is VETgirl different? We know that you don’t care about the life cycle of the zebra mosquito or the antibody complex deposition of IgG. Our goal? To provide the best veterinary CE out there from the top board-certified veterinary specialists who know how to teach it!

With our TEAM memberships, each associate gets 100+ hours of NEW RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education a year as well as complete access to our massive on-demand library of content.

NOTE: Sharing VETgirl accounts is against the terms of service and subject to account removal without refund. Besides…why would you want someone to take your CE material and access and have access to your personal information? Once purchased TEAM spots are taken, you can not “replace” them with another member. You can remove them, but not replace them once you hit your yearly limit. The reason this is the policy – that prevents a hospital from having a member get their CE for the year…then swapping them (for free) for someone who needs CE. When a new TEAM member is added to the discounted, TEAM membership plan, their membership will expire the same time as previous TEAM members to keep everyone learning on-the-run together!

If you have filled all your purchased TEAM spots, but would like to add more, please let us know!

Please note that TEAM memberships are for one clinic (e.g., physical location). Abuse of the team plan discount will be monitored. Those found in violation of the team member plan or terms of service will have accounts cancelled without refund. For more information please review the VETgirl terms of service document.

This link HERE is an instructional video of setting up team plans on our new platform.

Any questions – LET US KNOW!

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