FAQ – Where can I view my completed CE credits?

FAQ - Where can I view my completed CE credits?

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On our new website, you can access your CE credits directly from 2 different locations on the website:

Along with other account information, you can view this in your account dashboard.

You can also view the CE certificates on the specific CE credit page.

2 important notes:

1) On both the account dashboard page and your specific credits page, the CE credit hours will have a total tally number. Note that podcast quizzes do not receive credit per quiz as 6 podcast quizzes are needed for a total of 0.5 credit hours – individually they are not worth credit hours. If you look at an individual podcast certificate, there’s a disclaimer in the printed certificate that if you pass 6 podcast quizzes you should send an email to VETgirl and they will certify 0.5 CE credits. But each individual quiz counts for 0 credits.

2) Regarding webinar certificates, there are 2 types of webinar certificates depending on how the webinar is viewed. If the online veterinary CE webinar is viewed live (the original broadcast), it will be regarded as LIVE and active / interactive CE credit – participants can interact with the speaker / ask questions. The CE certificate for active participation will be emailed to the participant within 48 hours of the webinar. Like attending a live in a classroom setting, where your CE certificate would be given to you following the lecture as you leave the classroom, VETgirl emails the CE certificates to you 48 hours following the completion of the webinar. These are not stored or saved within your account (we hope to change this in the future.) As these are emailed to the user and do not show up in your account credit dashboard, they do not count for website tallied CE credits.

For VETgirl ELITE subscribers, you have the freedom to view the recorded webinar at your convenience. If a recorded webinar is viewed, this will be classified as passive CE. A quiz will be required for CE credit for passive webinar credits. Similar to podcast certificates, following successful quiz completion, the CE certificate will be found in your membership account. These are the credits that count as accumulated hours.

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