FrankTM Workshop

Learn and practice essential clinical communication skills at the FRANK Workshop on August 8-9, 2015 at CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. This two-day, experiential workshop allows veterinary professionals to practice communication skills with simulated clients, video reflection and one-on-one coaching support. Details at Frank Workshop or by calling Cathy Mojahed at 970-297-1273.

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When: August 8-9, 2015
Where: Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Fort Collins, Colorado
Registration Fee: $1775.00. Includes course materials, digital video, breakfast, lunch, refreshment breaks, and reception.
Instructors: Dr. Jane Shaw, DVM, PhD
CE Credits: 12.5

FrankTM Workshop
As a practitioner, the importance of effective communication with your clients has never been more important. The tremendous growth of the human-animal bond has driven a need for improved communication between veterinarians and their clients, who care about their pets more than ever.

The Frank™ workshop teaches veterinarians critical communication skills in the same fashion that they would learn other clinical skills – they are taught the concepts, and then practice them in a clinical setting with patients and clients. This evidence-based, interactive program uses best practices in teaching communication, including demonstration and observation of communication skills, realistic client portrayal, constructive feedback and video reflection. Earn 12.5 continuing education credits while learning new communication insights and skills that can be immediately integrated into your practice.

What Veterinarians are saying about the Frank Workshop:

“As compassionate as we are, we need to learn and be taught to be able to communicate that compassion. How ironic that perhaps the best way to communicate that is by just not talking as much and letting our clients communicate to us.”

“We truly enjoyed the experience and found great joy in the growth we experienced as veterinarians and people. I can truly say I am a better veterinarian this week than I was on Friday.”

More details and to register at Frank Workshop or by calling Cathy Mojahed at 970-297-1273

  1. Hi, I read that a vet clinic had gotten help with the FRANK communication for their clinic and wanted to ask what exactly this was? Is this something that we can do online? What are your prices?

    • Hi Regina,

      Thanks for writing – I would recommend contacting Dr. Jane Shaw at Colorado State University directly re: pricing and doing this! It’s not online, however. Thanks!

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