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July 10, 2018: Facebook LIVE: Canine Leptospirosis

VETgirl wants to give a HUGE shout out to Zoetis for sponsoring a FREE "Facebook LIVE: Canine Leptospirosis (Method of Delivery: Non-Interactive Online)"

VETgirl and Zoetis have made the recording available to you! If you are a VETgirl ELITE Member, you can also get CE credit for this webinar!

Not a VETgirl member? VETgirl members receive 100+ hours of RACE-approved, online veterinary CE/year ($249). That way, you know that you have flexibility to view any of our webinars and listen to our podcasts when you have time.

All the webinars are recorded and can be viewed 24/7 after their release date for CE credit. If you’re watching the recording later on, don’t forget to take the CE quiz with it when you’re done to get your CE certificate!

Join HERE!

*Note: Viewing this webinar is for individual use only; VETgirl webinars are not designed nor meant to be viewed in a group setting due to RACE-CE audit purposes. Inappropriate sharing or viewing of the webinar may result in revoking of membership.

RACE-CE provider name: VETgirl, LLC
RACE Provider number: 785
RACE Program number: 32863

This program 785-32863 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 0.5 CE Credits being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 0.5 Veterinary Technician CE Credit. This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: Category One: Scientific using the delivery method of Seminar/Lecture Interactive-Distance/Non-Interactive-Distance. This approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board's CE requirements. RACE does not "accredit" or "endorse" or "certify" any program or person, nor does RACE approval validate the content of the program.

3 thoughts on “July 10, 2018: Facebook LIVE: Canine Leptospirosis

  1. Hello,

    I watched the CE today and I was hoping to take the quiz in order to obtain my CE.
    I cannot however work out how to do the quiz?

    Many thanks,


  2. Regarding the question about initial vaccine series’ interval (discussed at the end of the webinar) — did Dr. Moore say it should be OK to have 2nd injection done w/in 60 days of the 1st?
    I’m a little confused b/c at the very end, he mentioned 30? days??

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