Once in a while, VetGirl gets grief for our name (You know, comments about how we’re sexist and undermining feminism and all, blah, blah, blah). You can read about why we named our subscription-based podcast and webinar service VetGirl here.

Personally, as a 40-something female, I don’t find any negative association or stigma with the name “girl.” (I’ll take any help I can get in preserving my youth and avoiding being called “Ma’mn.”) In fact, I’m a huge advocate for the promotion of women in veterinary leadership (Hey, Lean In, all!). Note, GRRRL culture is part of the third wave of feminism. More importantly, it’s breaking down society’s stigma that “girl” is negatively associated with weakness, lack of strength, and anything negative at all.

Always just released a powerful video on #LikeAGirl and why it’s so important that we as women build each other up and reverse that negative association with the name “girl.”

So, check it out and view it – blast it out via social media #LikeAGirl and help raise awareness to this important topic.

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