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VETgirl is a subscription-based podcast and webinar service offering RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education (CE). We do this through a multimedia approach – via podcasts, webinars, blogs, videos and social media – all to promote learning… when you don’t have too much time to spare! All you need is a Smart Phone with Internet access, so you can learn “on the run” when you have time.

VETgirl is designed for veterinary professionals who have time poverty and are “on the run.” Who has time to read journals or sit through hours of videos or lectures? Stream* the podcasts you want to listen to, and get clinical tips within just a few minutes of listening! The podcasts are available on-demand, with constant access to the latest, cutting edge CE that you need to know.

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Sample Podcasts

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  • Activated Charcoal – To Give or Not To Give
  • Esophageal Foreign Bodies in Dogs – What do we know?
  • Lactate Elevation in GDV Patients – What’s the evidence?
  • Recover 1 – Evaluation of CPCR in Veterinary Medicine
  • SSRI Toxicity in Veterinary Medicine

Other example podcast topics:

  • Lactate and GDV: why do we care?
  • Parvovirus testing: is it accurate?
  • Using glucagon for hypoglycemia
  • Goal-directed therapy in veterinary medicine: aiming for perfusion
  • Should I ventilate my lower motor neuron dog: ventilator survival
  • What’s new with CPR: RECOVER (1-7)
  • Antidepressant toxicity in dogs
  • Does head trauma cause long-term seizures in dogs?
  • Does head trauma cause long-term seizures in cats?
  • Volume resuscitating with IV fluids: should we rely on our heart rate?
  • Canine serum albumin: does it work for septic peritonitis?
  • Intravenous lipid emulsion for the treat of lidocaine toxicity in cat
  • Aortic thrombosis in dogs
  • 5-FU toxicity in dogs: one tube can kill
  • Blood transfusions: how much to give
  • Treating the ‘po: parvovirus
  • Phenobarbital vs. potassium bromide: which one’s better?

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