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September 8, 2019: The abdominal exploratory: from xyphoid to pubis

A chance to cut is a chance to cure… but before you enter that abdomen, what do you need to know? In this VETgirl online webinar, Dr. Steven Mehler, DACVS reviews the abdominal exploratory in small animal patients. In this lecture, Dr. Mehler will discuss general surgical principles, client/team/operating room/patient preparation, how to perform a systematic exploratory laparotomy, and when to biopsy. He will also review surgical techniques and common abdominal procedures to help the veterinarian.

October 25, 2016: Emergency management of the gastric dilatation-volvulus patient

Just triaged a retching Great Dane? Cutting a gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) give you heartburn? Join us for a 2-hour, RACE-approved VETgirl online veterinary continuing education webinar, where Drs. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT; Garret Pachtinger, DACVECC; and Steve Mehler, DACVS review the general approach to the GDV patient. In this lecture, we’ll review the underlying signalment, clinical signs, initial stabilization, management, and surgical treatment of the canine GDV patient. You’ll also learn the general surgical approach to the GDV, including how to untwist the twist, how to evaluate the integrity of the stomach, and a simple technique for gastric resection. The lecture will finish up with how to efficiently perform the most secure types of gastropexy.

Real-Life-Rounds Podcast: How to perform a splenectomy | VETgirl Veterinary CE Podcasts

In today’s VETgirl online veterinary continuing education podcast, Dr. Steve […]

May 1, 2016: A surgeon’s guide to abdominal surgery (2 hrs)

About to cut a patient for multiple foreign bodies? Does surgery make you tachycardiac? Join us for a 2-hour VETgirl online veterinary webinar, where Dr. Steve Mehler, DACVS, reviews “a surgeon’s guide to abdominal surgery.” In this lecture, Dr. Mehler will review general approach to the abdomen, the types of suture and closing patterns used for the abdomen, and review common procedures including gastrotomy, cystotomy, and enterotomy. Tune in to brush up on your surgical skills and learn some tips to make you a better surgeon!

VETgirl Real-Life Rounds: How to do a splenectomy

VETgirl understands that ivory tower medicine is not available to most, and not necessary for many. We know how to practice street medicine. Practicing real life medicine is tough and we understand that we are all in the trenches together. For VETgirl ELITE members only, we present VETgirl Real-Life Rounds. Real-Life Rounds will be a webcam based, interactive session where VETgirl ELITE members will have the opportunity to interact with specialists during an informal, learning-oriented “cage-side” rounds.