‘Steve Shadwick’

July 19, 2015: Emergency management and treatment of IMHA (2 hrs)

PCV, IMHA, SAG, IVIG… oh my! Don’t know how to do a slide agglutination test? Can’t recognize an anemic, icteric Cocker spaniel to save your life? Not sure how to treat IMHA in dogs? In this 2-hour VETgirl online veterinary CE webinar, Dr. Justine Lee and Dr. Steve Shadwick, DACVIM reviewed emergency management and treatment of immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). Underlying pathophysiology, etiology, signalment, clinical signs, clinicopathologic work-up, advanced diagnostics, and treatment were reviewed. Long-term management and weaning were reviewed also. A case-based approach was used, so get your learning on!