Chief Marketing Officer

Marissa Barnes


Marissa joins VETgirl as the Chief Marketing Officer, with a passion for bringing the voice of the customer to life and an eye for innovation. Her background includes a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Her past roles include strategy, consulting, M&A, business development and of course, marketing. Marissa is motivated to make the VETgirl user experience even better and to bring big ideas to life. If you’ve got a suggestion or comment, drop her a line!

As a little background, Marissa grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA, playing in the “crick” below her house with her sister Heather and Hatchet, a German shepherd-collie mix. Much like her human companions of the time, Hatchet was greatly loved, and not particularly well-trained. Looking back now as a mom of two, Marissa feels everyone could have used more bathes. Today, she takes her own children creeking and hoses them off afterwards. True to her upbringing, Marissa is inherently a dog person. Although she has recently come to appreciate cats for being relatively low-maintenance versus dogs.

Marissa is new to the veterinary world, having spent most of her career with food and ingredient companies. Marissa appreciates the creativity and technique required for great food. She loves to cook for her family. She dreams of the day that her two young children realize how much better her home-made mac & cheese is than the blue box. Based on recent events, she may be waiting awhile… If you are a foodie, ask her about taste testing dozens of rare heirloom oranges, kumquats, mandarins and pomelos while wandering one of the world’s most extensive citrus groves.