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How can you help?

We need help getting this tech-saavy learning tool off the ground! If you’re a veterinarian, veterinary technician, veterinary student, or even an animal lover, consider donating to help get VetGirl going. This is a great opportunity to help your veterinarian or your staff learn the cutting edge updates in veterinary medicine through a cool, efficient, multi-media approach.

Donations would go directly towards helping get VetGirl up: it would go towards technology fees (e.g., creation of apps), direct reviews of podcasts, and marketing to help promote this fantastic learning tool!

By donating, you help us reach our goal of getting VetGirl into the hands of every veterinarian out there. Even $1 helps. Please consider donating to help us educate veterinarians in the newest, most convenient, and clinically applicable way! After all, VetGirl is going to be an instrumental “must have” for veterinarians who don’t have time to learn!

Thanks for checking this out, and stay tuned!

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