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Having trouble listening to VETgirl veterinary podcasts or watching online veterinary CE webinars?

Trying to watch your veterinary continuing education online webinars with your laptop, tablet, or smart phone? If you're having trouble, please read on!

If you're having any problems loading VETgirl's online veterinary CE webinars or podcasts, know that there's an easy fix. While this is an uncommon issue, typically when we encounter this it is fairly easy to fix by just changing your browser. Most often it is a personal computer / phone software related issue. There are many web browsers on the market, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Even within each browser, there are different versions, all supporting different things in different ways.Mobile Experience

With that in mind, the first recommendation is to make sure all of your software is updated and upgraded to the latest version as VETgirl is constantly making sure we are compatible with the most up to date software out there. At times, older versions do not have backwards compatibility and we can see issues there.

Although there are many browsers out there,VETgirl uses Google Chrome as it seems to have the fewest bugs.

Regarding the actual player format, VETgirl has done what many companies have – moved away from Adobe Flash and moved towards HTML5, for both our video format and our podcast format. You can use this link HERE to test your browser’s HTML5 compatibility.

Typically the issue is easily resolved by upgrading / changing your browser on your mobile device or computer.

Any questions – let us know by contacting us here!

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