How to close the SQ and subcuticular space in veterinary medicine | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Videos

In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education video, Dr. Chris Ralphs, DACVS reviews how to SQUID – otherwise known as closing the SQ and subcuticular space efficiently with a with a guaranteed buried knot! This is extremely helpful in both small animal and large animal medicine!

The goals of “SQUID” is two fold and include:

  • To close dead space and appose skin edges
  • To use the smallest knots and least amount of suture (absorbable monofilament such as monocryl or maxon) to accomplish the goal

In order to close the SQ and subcuticular space, the technique includes the following:

  • Start with a deep knot but do not cut the end! Tag it with a hemostat.
  • For right handed people, start on the left of incision (or right side for lefties).
  • Close the subQ (remember, your goal is just to appose dead space)
  • Finish with an abderdeen knot but again: do not cut the knot!
  • Now, reverse direction and perform a subcuticular pattern
  • Once you reach the beginning, drive your last bite from the subcuticular deep into the subQ
  • Tie to your tagged starting suture

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