FAQ about VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Webinars

Here, some FAQs about VETgirl online veterinary continuing education (CE) webinars!

Where are all the VETgirl webinars listed?
Check out our 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 veterinary continuing education webinar schedule.  Looking for a specific online webinar? Scroll down the page to view the specific details for the webinar. There, you can see the speaker, time for the delivery, and further details on the specific webinar page.

I need time zone help!
Please use the World Clock Time Zone converter HERE to determine the Real Time Session in your time zone. (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html). Select any eastern USA city (e.g. New York), enter the date and start time of the session, then enter your city/state and country into the converter field to find the corresponding session time for your location.

How do I sign up for the webinar? 
If you're a VETgirl ELITE member, make sure to log into VETgirl (My Account). Then, click on the master webinar schedule for 2014 HERE. To access the webinar, please make sure to sign up for the specific webinar on the specific webinar page.

What if I'm NOT a VETgirl member? If a webinar is sponsored, it will be free to the entire veterinary community. Simply click on the registration button on the specific webinar page. Otherwise, the webinar is available for ELITE members and to those who purchase the webinar only.

I can't watch at that time. Can I watch the webinar later? 
If you're a VETgirl ELITE member, you can cheek out all our veterinary online continuing education when you have time. All webinars are recorded and available to VETgirl ELITE members 24/7/365 for review and CE credit.

How do I get my veterinary CE certificate?
If you attend the webinar live, the veterinary CE certificate will be emailed to you (using the email address used during your GoToEebcast registration) 48 hours following the completion of the webinar. Please check your SPAM folder (especially if you still use AOL. Or just change from AOL).

VETgirl ELITE members: If you watch the recorded webinar at a later date, please make sure to take the quiz  (Yeah, homework!) associated with the webinar. Once the quiz is successfully taken (You can take it as many times as you want until you get a passing score of > 80%), a PDF of the certificate will then be available in your user account dashboard.  Remember, if you watch a webinar live, it counts as interactive, active CE so no need to take a quiz! If you watch the webinar as a recording, it counts as passive CE, so you must take the quiz to generate a CE certificate!

Note: When you watch a webinar live, the PDF certificate will not be listed in the account dashboard. It'll be in the email sent 48 hours following the completion of the webinar.

Can I watch VETgirl's webinar from my iPhone? Or Android? Or iPad?

I'm having trouble hearing sound, watching videos, or using all the functions on the VETgirl website!
Something not working? Please follow these steps:

  • Clearing temporary internet files or cookies (LINK HERE): This should be done weekly, especially if you surf the Internet a lot or you receive a lot of emails!
  • When in doubt, for best functionality, we recommend using Google Chrome for our site.

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