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November 11, 2013: Fluid therapy – One type doesn’t fit all! (2 hrs)

LRS? NormR? Saline? With so many choices, which fluid do you pick?

Rather skin scrape an itchy dog than fluid resuscitate a hypovolemic, shocky patient? No fear, fluid therapy help is here!

With an ever-growing number of intravenous (IV) fluids readily available nowadays, the choice of the perfect fluid is becoming less clear. This is even more so the case in the emergent or critically ill patient, as the list of crystalloids and colloids seems to be growing in an exponential fashion.

In this VETgirl webinar, we’ll review the different types of crystalloids and colloids available, including synthetic and natural, isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic types. So grab your favorite (non-alcoholic) fluid and join us for our next RACE-approved webinar!

Title: Fluid therapy: One type doesn’t fit all!
Date: Monday, November 11, 2013
Speakers: Garret Pachtinger, VMD, DACVECC and Justine A. Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT
Hours: 2 hours of RACE-approved CE

You've asked for it and we listened! VETgirl is excited to offer on-demand webinar access!! If you are unable to attend the webinar live, and you are not yet a VETgirl ELITE member to access our webinar archives at any time, you can watch the desired webinar when it's convenient for you. On-demand webinars allow you to hear the instructor’s lecture, see the presentation, and learn on YOUR time. This offer is for individual use only, not to be used for group viewing.


* Purchase ($40/2 hours CE) will provide a 24 hour rental license for non-interactive, passive online continuing education.
* This is not refundable or transferrable. Again, this is for individual use only, and not for group viewing.
* Once you view the webinar, please email to verify you have completed the webinar.
* We will then verify your payment and completion of the webinar and send you an email link to take the CE credit quiz.
* RACE standards require an 80% quiz passing rate. Once the quiz is completed and graded you will receive an email with your CE Certificate.
* If 80% is not achieved, you will be notified and allowed to repeat the quiz as needed.
* If you have additional questions about our On-Demand webinars, please check out our FAQ Page HERE.


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