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December 2, 2013: NAVLE Poultry Disease Review (1 hr)

NAVLE Board Prep: Poultry disease review

Speaker: Dr. Ian Rubinoff, chicken extraordinaire, Technical Services Veterinarian with Hy-Line International

Think Newcastle's is a type of beer?

Avian influenza got you down?

In this free VETgirl webinar, we'll review some of the key poultry diseases that you MUST know about if you're preparing for the NAVLE!

See a lot of backyard poultry? This review is important for you too! This 1 hour webinar will review the most common types of poultry diseases seen in North America. Underlying infectious causes, clinical signs, and pertinent necropsy findings will be reviewed.

This webinar was delivered Monday, December 2, 2013 from 5– 6:30 pm EST. Were you unable to attend that time? If you’re a VETgirl ELITE member, know that you have flexibility to view any of our webinars when you have time. All the webinars are recorded and can be viewed after their release date.

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