For those of you that follow VETgirl, you know that we are the #1 online CE resource for busy veterinary professionals. For years we have focused on making CE more accessible to the veterinary world by embracing technology.

You also know that Justine and I are practicing veterinarians and veterinary specialists that are in the trenches of the ER.

Not only do we embrace technology to deliver veterinary online CE, but we embrace technology to improve our client and patient care.

Here are the top 5 ways veterinary professionals can embrace technology in practice, using your smartphone to improve client and patient care:

5) You now have the ability to carry medical calculators, clinical scoring systems, disease diagnosis and management tools, access electronic medical records, carry a formulary/drug reference and even access journals and textbooks…all in the palm of your hand with your smartphone! As a veterinary professional you are not expected to know everything…but that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly find the needed information!

4) Text messages are the new normal. Whether it is a clinical update or a question for a client, sending a text message can be a simple, convenient way to interact with your clients.







3) Using nothing more than a steady hand, your smartphone can be transformed into a cheap, yet powerful microscope camera able to image cytology, blood cells, and more! Sure…you can purchase an adaptor and even sign up for STAT cytology services…but a simple picture to show a client can be worth 1000 words.



2) Like the comment above, a picture can be worth 1000 words. Telling your client their dog has dental disease is not the same as showing them this!  Before and after photos imported into the medical record can also be a valuable way to document patient changes over time.


1) Finally…rather than make funny noises in the examination room trying to mimic a reverse sneeze…why don’t you just search YouTube to show the client? Create your own library of preferred videos to easily reference and education clients.

Like the VETgirl team – we encourage you to embrace technology to improve client and veterinary patient care.

Garret Pachtinger, VMD, DACVECC
COO, VETgirl

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