October 6, 2021

VETgirl, the #1 online continuing educational provider for veterinary professionals, is devoted to making education accessibly to ALL veterinary professionals…globally! Our goal is to help elevate the quality of veterinary medicine worldwide, while also being able to connect with our veterinary colleagues around the globe. As such, this week we released two website enhancements.

Enhancement 1: Accessibility
Our first enhancement is joining the disability community in educating the world about the importance of inclusivity and web accessibility.

Accessiblity keyboard

As a leader in continuing education, we also strive to be a leader in web accessibility, committed to raising awareness about the importance of an inclusive web. Only by being united and educated can we make an impact and close the web accessibility gap.

For this reason, we have updated our website to be accessible for those with disabilities that include motor impairment, cognitive disorders, epilepsy, vision impairment, and hearing impairment.

On both the desktop and mobile website you will find the following icon.

Clicking on this icon will allow the user to select their preferences to maximize their education and online experience with VETgirl.

Enhancement 2: Global Veterinary CE Through Translation
Did you know that VETgirl’s online veterinary CE podcasts have been downloaded in 170+ countries? That’s pretty good, knowing that there are only about 195! VETgirl is not only the #1 online CE resource within the United States, but VETgirl content is accessed in over 170 countries world-wide.

A staggering statistic is that just 27% of internet users are English speaking according to the World Internet Statistics. Moreover, a study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory found that 85% of internet users would be more satisfied and learn more from websites that discussed the content in their own language even if they were able to understand other languages used on the site.

So, we’re excited that we at VETgirl have added foreign language translation to the website. Since partnering with BluePearl, that was our mission and priority – to bring opportunities to learn and lift up the quality of veterinary medicine worldwide.

To translate the VETgirl site, follow the steps below.

On both the desktop and mobile website you will find the following icon.

Clicking on this icon will open a language dropdown menu where you can select from multiple languages for website translation.

Importantly, we are also going to provide webinars in foreign languages as well as close caption previous webinars in additional languages…so stay tuned!

VETgirl Spanish homescreen 102021

We hope you enjoy our continued updates and work towards making education accessible to all veterinary professionals, globally!

Thank you for all that you do and please stay safe.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Now, go get your learning on!

Garret, Justine, and the VETgirl team!

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