In this VETgirl online continuing education blog, we demonstrate how to remove a round bone off a dog’s jaw. This occasionally happens while a dog is chewing on a bone (which is why we don’t advocate for round bones or real bones!). When in doubt, light sedation (e.g., dexdomitor, butorphanol, benzodiazepines, etc.) should be used. Next, lubricate the muzzle area and then pull the cheeks back. Gently slip the bone up and over the jaw. If this doesn’t work, a Gigli wire or orthopedic wire saw can be used to saw off the bone.

  1. Bolt cutters work great and it is super fast. Usually can be done without sedation if you have a reasonably good dog.

  2. We can usually slip it off as described above with a bit of rotation as round bones are not really round. If that fails we use the high speed dental drill with a cutting bur – cut the bone in 2 locations and it drops off.

  3. 9/10 can slide it right off just by pulling skin of cheeks/neck without sedation. Learned it from a tech, and love those cases in ER ever since!

  4. Thank you! I was panicking and not one emergency vet could see my dog. I calmed down, pulled the dogs cheeks back, gently turned it and it came off. I immediately threw all bones away!

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