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Must-do step for VETgirl subscribers | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education

VETgirl has gone mobile! Check out VETgirl's mobile app! This means that our website is "mobile friendly" and easier to navigate on smart phones, allowing quick, easy access to continuing education 24/7. No need to go to ITunes or buy a fancy app - just follow these simple tips to get VetGirl on your smart phone. For instructions for Android devices, click here.

If you're a VETgirl subscriber, please make sure that you implement this important step, as it'll dramatically improve the user experience (it takes you directly to the updated podcasts and webinars!).

Step 1: Open Safari on your iPhone (or other mobile device) and go to Log on under "My Account" and enter your user name and password. Next and most importantly, click on the middle icon with the box and the arrow on the bottom of the screen (see image below).


Step 2: Click ‘Add to Home Screen’


Step 3: Name your new icon and place it somewhere easy to find for quick access to our website at all times!

Now, you should be up and ready to go! This will make it much easier to user our site, and gives you direct access to the podcasts and webinars immediately!

Not working for you? Contact us here with any questions at all!

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