What’s new in veterinary oncology with Dr. Cheryl London, PhD, DACVIM | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts

In today’s VETgirl podcast, we interview Dr. Cheryl London, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology) on what’s new in oncology, from new updates in diagnosing cancer to using liquid biopsy to understanding how immunotherapy plans a role to finding out what Precision Cancer treatments are! If you diagnose dogs or cats with cancer, tune in to learn more about the updates in veterinary oncology!

Today’s VETgirl podcast is sponsored by Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo is in it for the love of pets. That’s why they’ve raised more than $30 million in funds for pet cancer research and treatment. BLUE is proud to partner with VETgirl to sponsor this podcast with the amazing Dr. Cheryl London, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology). Together we can do more. Together for pets.



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