How to Lead Change with More Speed and Less Resistance by Randy Hall | VETgirl Continuing Education Videos

In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education videoRandy Hall, a consultant and leadership expert who helps veterinary practices, discusses how if we want a happier practice where change is embraced in ways that are sustainable and fast, we need to create a process. Here are steps you, as a leader, can use to cause positive change:

  1. Insight happens when people start to consider new ideas and think about things in new and different ways. Focusing on insight will reduce stress and resistance.
  2. Involvement includes asking questions at a more detailed level. We’ve asked our team to think about things in new ways; now we’re asking them to think about the first steps, the challenges involved, and how we can work through them.
  3. Practice helps us learn how to execute the steps we’ve discovered as we’ve gotten our team involved. As humans, we aren’t often great at something new initially, but practicing can turn our intentions into successful execution.
  4. Environment in which people feel they can learn and not be blamed when mistakes are made is most conducive for supporting change. Our team needs to be comfortable trying new things in order to learn what works best.

Things to keep in mind as you implement these steps:

  • Start change with questions.
  • Do change with people, not to people.
  • Create space for practice and progress.

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