Not sure how to perform a tracheostomy? This VETgirl video demonstrates how to perform a tracheostomy (in a cadaver) in a dog. When in doubt, make sure to perform a tracheostomy in a controlled manner – in other words, make sure to control the airway first if possible. You can do this by sedating the patient and getting a small red rubber catheter into the trachea (or even a long polyurethane catheter) to provide some supplemental oxygen. Next, make sure to use sterile technique! Third, make sure to make a big incision initially, as each tissue layer gets more narrow as you approach the trachea. When in doubt, make sure to review this video so you feel comfortable performing one of these life-saving procedures in veterinary medicine!

  1. where can I get any Tracheostomy accessories for my dog…..She just had a tracheotomy and I can’t find a faceplate or neck Flange for her….I have been searching for a month, even called a lot of the medical places for humans …please can someone help me….

    • We don’t answer medical queries here, but please check with your veterinarian for these. They can order them!

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