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Not sure if you’re ready to try out VETgirl, a subscription-based podcast & webinar service offering RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education? Check out some customer reviews below. Still not happy? We’ll guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Customer Testimonials

  • “Just wanted to let you know that my year long subscription is almost up, and you better believe I’m re-upping!!! #VETgirl has been awesome for me! I’m a mother of an almost 3 year old, and work only part-time, but having access to this quality CE at such a reasonable price has made me feel like I’m ahead of the curve of the full-timers at my practice. Keeps me in the know but lets me have more family time. I love going to the big conferences, but I retain the information better with being able to do a few a month! In short – you’ve changed my life and helped to kindle my passion for veterinary medicine again after the struggle to find my new balance as a mother and a veterinarian!” – Dr. Sara, Indiana
  • “I’m obsessed with your podcasts! I’ve been listening to them nonstop and they make my 4 mile run fly by in a flash. I’m learning and having fun! Thank you for offering access to them.” – Dr. Heather D., Philadelphia, Pa
  • Just a quick note to thank you guys for all the information you provide. i spent the first 10 years of my career doing emergency at a 24 hour practice where many clients could afford to do almost anything for their pets…last year I moved to a small town and am working at an overnight/weekend clinic where most clients can’t spend a lot. I really like how you present the gold standard and then readily recognize that there are clients that can’t do that. anyway, your webinars and everything else keep me awake in the middle of the nights! so thanks again! – Dr. Meredith M., Montana
  • Being a single-doctor practice, finding coverage to attend conferences is difficult. A colleague of mine turned me on to VETgirl. It looks like it’s going to be an easy fix to a difficult problem. – Dr. Sandy from San Jose California.
  • Thank you so much for the extension of my military subscription! I absolutely love VGOTR, and you both do such a terrific job. I sing your praises far and wide, and this is such a wonderful service that we military folks are so fortunate to receive. Thanks so much again for everything, you guys rock. – Nina D.
  • Garret and Justine – Thank you not only for VETgirl’s impressive contribution to the veterinary field, but also for your support of the military. My daily commute and time waiting to get through the gate on base is now so much more efficient. I can listen to VETgirl podcasts and webinars while in the car. This has allowed me to reclaim my commute time while staying up to date with the latest and greatest in veterinary education. – Matt (San Antonio, TX)
  • I wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my VetGirl ELITE subscription! I love that I can sit at home in my PJ’s and get active CE credits (and the XL Vetgirl t-shirt is one of my only t-shirts that fits being 7 months pregnant)! Definitely a great purchase at the MVMA convention! I look forward to more CEs. – Dr. Carrie
  • I have had the pleasure of attending several CE lectures given by Dr. Justine Lee.  Her lecture diction, content, and practical thinking approach to veterinary medicine and surgery is entertaining, attention holding and useful.  These qualities also describe the webinars and podcasts offered by Drs. Lee and Pachtinger through VetGirl.  My office staff, one of my clients, and myself are elite members- which we feel is totally worthwhile.  We all look forward to spending time with VetGirl offerings, especially having access to them at our convenience. – Dr. Charles DeVinne
  • This was by far the most informative (and entertaining) CE seminar I have attended.  The material was presented in an informative and easy to comprehend manner.  Very practical applications for the real world. Thanks for putting this together. – Dr. Katz
  • The webinars offered through VetGirl by Drs. Justine Lee, Garret Pachtinger, and their colleagues are exceptional! The content is practical, thought-provoking, and current, and is always delivered in a witty and captivating manner. As a specialist, I still learn something new and immediately applicable to clinical practice during each webinar. VetGirl is a must-have CE resource for veterinarians in general practice, specialty hospital settings, and academia!” – Dr. Marie Holowaychuk
  • My wife and I have been VetGirl elite members since the first webinar was launched. We have attended the majority of the CE webinars that have been offered and have enjoyed the casual, yet informative format that the webinars provide. It has been an invaluable service to have such access to a variety of specialists and has forced us to stay current in many areas of veterinary medicine. We would recommend this service to anyone. – Steven R. Shadwick, DVM, DACVIM
  • VetGirl offers progressive, practical, accessible, affordable and timely CE. The topics range from current updates on common illnesses, to creative and thoughtful CE discussions on topics not typically covered, such as technology in practice and a sensitive discussion of veterinary suicide. I am grateful for the interactive webinar format, and the technical support is excellent. – Dr. Beth Ross
  • VetGirl is my go-to for online CE. At 51 years of age & 18 years in practice, I was a bit leery of the name…VetGirl…but the fact of the matter is, it is affordable, high quality CE.  I have gotten CE while I was walking through an airport, I have gotten CE when I was at my remote, off the grid cabin, & I have gotten CE when I was sitting at work waiting for something to happen.  It is perfect in this day & age when our CE budget is shrinking. – Dr. Susan Antes
  • I have struggled to keep up with journals over the years, but VETgirl has provided me with a unique solution.  The podcasts are quick, concise, informative and up-to-date, just what I need when I don’t have time for anything else.  VETgirl is truly a unique website.  The webinars are a healthy dose of practical information, where I can walk away with the feeling that I learned something useful, all from the comfort of home. VETgirl is perfect for today’s busy vet.  Thank you VETgirl! – Alex Molldrem, DVM
  • VetGirl is amazing! If I didn’t have VetGirl I would have to drive over an hour to a CE otherwise and who knows if it will even be useful information for me. VetGirl allows me to stay up to date on veterinary journals, standards of care, and easily earns me CE credits. Thank you Justine and Garret for bringing continuing education in a manageable, practical, bite sized CE podcast to this mama vet in Maine. I just listened to a podcast while my kid was asleep in the car and I was stuck in the car for an hour. – Ai Takeuchi Byrne, VMD
  • I have not fully explored all that VetGirl has to offer, but I think your webinars are the best. I even enjoyed the backyard chickens although I’ve never treated them. The clinical relevance and fast pace are great. My ears perk up when you say why should we care… Anyway, I plan on listening to every one you have to offer. – Dr. Alan Douglas
  • I love the option to listen to a podcast or watch a webinar on VetGirl when I have time, and no parking expenses or travel time! – Dr. Sue, MN
  • I’m on several paid sites and the big plus with VetGirl is that you always have new content … I’m thinking about not renewing some of the other memberships because I’ve gone through their entire library over the course of the year and they’re only putting one or two pieces of new content up every month or so. – Karen, CVT
  • I just wanted to give a huge thank you for VetGirl’s recent free online courses on fluid therapy and blood transfusion medicine. Perfect timing for a refresher (I’m 2 years post-grad) as I was on call during the 4th of July holiday weekend. I work as an associate at a pretty busy rural mixed practice in Washington state and saw a lot of cases on the 4th, including a dog accidentally struck in the side of the neck with an axe. I want to thank you that your guidelines were fresh on the brain and I didn’t need to waste anytime looking things up in a book. 🙂 – Jessica, Washington.
  • I cannot thank you enough as I am currently practicing at a general practice in a low income area of PA, as a result, for most of our clients the pet emergency room is cost prohibitive, but these animals deserve treatment too! As a result of your VetGirl program, I have been able to provide many animals with emergency treatment. Your VetGirl webinars have truly been life changing, and have prepared me and armed me with the information I need to workup and treat these critical cases that walk in our door. – Elena, Pennsylvania
  • I am amazed how much information is on VETgirl!  I am so grateful for it!  I have been recommending it to friends and colleagues.  The speakers have always provided the latest information on the topics they are speaking on.  I also like the diversity in contents that is provided.  Thank you so much for providing this for the veterinary community. – Michelle LaBelle Lake, CVTVTS(ECC), AMT, Wildlife Intensive & Critical Care Unit, Inc.
  • A year ago when I joined VETgirl I was a bit skeptical. Clearly both of you are way committed to providing convenient, quality CE for real practitioners, and VETgirl has exceeded my expectations. For me it’s not just about meeting my requirements; I like keeping up and hearing new ideas. I remember when CE was so hard to get, especially in a very large mostly rural state. You had to drive for hours to get to a meeting. This is so much better. I also like doing an hour or two at a time. That fits my schedule and works with my ability (or lack thereof) to sit still. – Connie, Missoula, MT
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this service. I listened to three podcasts while running this morning. The information is up-to-date, interesting, and presented in a clinically relevant manner. This year I have turned into the person who’s journals are stacking up. When I do read them I fall asleep. The service is also very user-friendly and it shows that you all put great effort into the website. I just wanted to let you know you put a smile on at least one veterinarian in the country today. – Tiffany, San Diego, CA

  • Just a quick not to let you know how much I appreciate your podcasts. My daily commute is 2 hours daily and I can’t tell you how nice it is to spend that time working to expand my VT knowledge (I came into this career at age 47, thus I have much catching up to do). – Dave, St. Paul, MN

  • Thank you so much for your gift of an elite membership subscription. I appreciate it so much. I am a huge VETgirl fan. The information has made a difference in how I am able to practice veterinary medicine. A huge high five and hug from me! – Denise

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