The importance of oral water in assessing hydration | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Videos

In this VETgirl online CE video, we demonstrate how oral water should always be available to hospitalized patients… especially those that have excessive ongoing losses (e.g., feline urethral obstruction with post-obstructive diuresis, any azotemic patient, diabetic mellitus or diabetic ketoacidosis patients, etc.). Keep in mind that most cats don’t physically drink in the hospital due to their nature (e.g., They are desert creatures, after all!), stress, etc. Any clinical signs of drinking water typically indicates dehydration! VETgirl’s rule? Any hospitalized patient should have constant access to clean, fresh water when it’s not contraindicated (e.g., vomiting, fasted for surgery, etc.). If your feline patient is drinking water, make sure to increase their IV fluid rate as they are likely dehydrated!

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