VETgirl Certificate Program

VETgirl Certificate Program

VETgirl is proud to announce several unique veterinary online certification masterclass series in the areas of:

    • Anesthesia/Analgesia
    • Emergency Medicine (Basic and Advanced)
    • Exotic and Small Mammal
    • Feline Urinary Health
    • Fundamental Principles (en Español)
    • Nutrition
    • Ophthalmology
    • Practice Management
    • Veterinary Technician (Level 1 and Level 2)

VETgirl certification is designed to give you the expertise that you need, geared for clinical veterinary professionals. Offered in unique tracks, these courses range from 12-60 hours of RACE-Approved CE for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Complete them to gain expertise in some of the most challenging areas of veterinary medicine, and we’ll mail you a beautiful certificate in the mail to hang with pride in your clinic. After all, as on-the-floor clinicians, we know what you need to practice better medicine, provide better patient care, and ultimately save that patient’s life. So, get your learning on and choose your own adventure below!

What’s even better? The VETgirl Certificate program is included in the price of your VETgirl membership!

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Anesthesia & Analgesia Certificate:
Is there more than just “kitty magic” or BAG? And how do you set up that Bain non-rebreathing system again? Haven’t anesthetized anything in a while and need some help? What new drugs are out there now? Learn all you need to know about analgesia and anesthesia in our VETgirl Anesthesia Certificate, so you can master safely anesthetizing your patients!
Course Outline: 30 hours

Click HERE to download the ANESTHESIA ANALGESIA checklist

BASIC Emergency Medicine Certificate:
Are you a new graduate? About to start an internship? Transitioning from day practice to emergency? Brush up on your emergency medicine to become a more confident, prepared, and knowledgeable emergency veterinarian. While emergency medicine can be stress-inducing and exhausting, it can also be exhilarating. This 35-hour course is carefully curated and designed to focus on the key areas of emergency medicine, and will make you feel well-rounded and comfortable with handling any HBC, BDLD, UO, IMHA, or CHF case coming through the door.
Course Outline: 35 hours

Click HERE to download the BASIC EMERGENCY checklist

ADVANCED Emergency Medicine Certificate: OK, so you admit, you’re a pretty good emergency veterinarian. You can handle those HBCs like a pro. You feel comfortable performing a thoracocentesis. You’ve been doing this for years. But now, it’s time to take it to the next level. Brush up on more than the basics. This 60-hour course is carefully curated and designed to focus on the key areas of emergency and critical care.
Note: The basic emergency medicine certificate should be completed prior to the advanced course.
Course Outline: 60 hours

Click Here to download the ADVANCED EMERGENCY checklist

Exotic and Small Mammal Certificate: Exotic and Small Mammal Certificate OK, so you admit, you hide when you see a small exotics mammal, reptile, or bird on the appointment schedule. No need to run from fur, scales, and feathers! With this VETgirl exotics certificate, you’ll be able to handle all things exotics like a pro! You know the basics (e.g., meloxicam, SQ fluids, and oxygen), but now take advantage of this 30+ hour course tailored to make you a pro when it comes to these species. From basic techniques to restraint to anesthesia and CPR in the exotic animal, learn it in this VETgirl certificate! This 32.5-hour course is carefully curated and designed to focus on the key areas of exotic animal care.
Course Outline: 32.5 hours

Click Here to download the EXOTIC AND SMALL MAMMAL checklist

Feline Urinary Health Certificate:
Earn your VETgirl Feline Urinary Health Certificate, thanks to generous sponsorship from Royal Canin! A lifetime of urinary health starts at home, and you want to help your cat caregivers and pet owners get set up for success from kittenhood! Tune in to learn the environmental enrichment, litter box husbandry, and behavioral modification that are so key to keeping our feline patients healthy and happy. More importantly, take this certificate to improve your hematuria detection, urinalysis interpretation, and decision tree making with crystalluria, hematuria, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, to that blocked cat. Find out how you can improve your feline patient’s health while helping your pet owners be educated advocates. This certificate is open and free to all until 12/31/2022, so don’t miss out!
Course Outline: 12 hours

Click HERE to download the FELINE URINARY HEALTH checklist

Fundamental Principles Certificate: ¡Prónto!, Únete a nosotros para unos webinar GRATIS de VETgirl en Español. Estos están disponibles libre de costo hasta Diciembre 31, 2022, gracias al apoyo del Congreso Veterinario De León. Desde Medicina de Emergencia y Cuidado Intensivo hasta Medicina Interna, Nutrición y más. ¡Obtenga su Educación Continua gratis con VETgirl! Curso: 20 horas.

Coming soon! Join us for FREE for VETgirl webinars in Spanish – these are unlocked and open to all until 12/31/2022, thanks to sponsorship from CVDL! From emergency critical care to internal medicine to nutrition to more, get your free Spanish continuing education with VETgirl! Course: 20 hours

Click HERE to download the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES checklist

Nutrition Certificate: Grain-free. DCM. BARF. Obese patients. There’s so much going on in veterinary nutrition right now… it’s hard to keep up! Thanks to generous support from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, earn your Nutrition Certificate and get the 411 on what’s new in veterinary nutrition. From life stage nutrition to buzz words of pet food to urolith management, find out how you can improve your patient’s health while helping your pet owners be educated advocates.
Course Outline: 12 hours

Click HERE to download the NUTRITION checklist

Ophthalmology Certificate: Do “check eye” cases make YOU cry? Feel good about treating glaucoma? Wait…does that cat have herpes?!? If eye cases make you see red you MUST check out our amazing VETgirl ophthalmology lectures to earn your VETgirl Ophthalmology Certificate while improving your ophtho skills!
Course Outline : 30 hours

Click HERE to download the OPHTHALMOLOGY checklist

Practice Management Certificate: KPI. Inventory. HR. Leadership. Owning or running a small business is harder than it looks! There’s so much to know to make your veterinary clinic run lean, efficiently and smoothly. Earn your Practice Management Certificate and improve your business and leadership skills! This program is applicable towards the CE requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).
Course Outline: 30 hours

Click HERE to download the PRACTICE MANAGEMENT checklist

Vet Tech Level 1 Certificate: Congrats! You are an amazing vet tech. You know what they say…”If you are not moving forward…you are just standing still!” To move forward in this amazing profession you need to keep up to date on real world things to rock this vet tech job! Don’t miss out on this veterinary technician Level 1 VETgirl certificate to improve your knowledge and improve your day-to-day life as a veterinary technician.
Course Outline: 40 hours

Click HERE to download the Vet Tech Level 1 checklist

Vet Tech Level 2 Certificate: OK, you’ve got this vet tech thing down. You are saving lives and improving patient care every day. You loved our Level 1 VETgirl Certificate and are eager to learn how to up your vet tech skills! Don’t miss out on this veterinary technician Level 2 VETgirl certificate to master your technical skills!
Course Outline: 30 hours

Click HERE to download the Vet Tech Level 2 checklist

1. View the course outline in entirety.
2. Once completed, email your PDF CE certificates to along with your full name, state of license and license number. Please email all certificates in one email with the certificate type (e.g. Basic ER, Nutrition, etc.) in the subject of the email for fastest processing.
3. Certificates can either be the LIVE webinar certificates or on-demand webinar certificates received following quiz completion (successfully passing by 70%).
4. Following verification of successful completion, a unique course certificate will be emailed to you with your name, hours of course, and license number.

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