Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA wrote a fantastic blog on “16 simple stress hacks for vets.” After all, we have a high stress, emotionally draining job. So, here, some great hints from this media-marketing-veterinary guru.

1. Stretch. Here, a great TED talk.

2. Get in earlier or leave later so you can schedule a longer mid-day break.

3. Take a quick break outside the office.

4. Breathe deeply.

5. Push-ups, jumping jacks and other simple calisthenics. Here, a 7-minute workout.

6. Practice the five-finger gratitude hack.

7. Apologize early and often.

8. Read something else.

9. Get a new hobby – immediately! My fav? Ultimate frisbee. Ice hockey. Traveling while tax deducting it towards veterinary learning.

10. Commit yourself to a travel date and destination. Come to Fiji with me.

11. Eat something you never do – right now!

12. Modify your work style.

13. Put on your earphones.

14. Change your soundtrack.

15. Spruce up your indoor scenery.

16. Get back to your roots.

VETgirl, a subscription-based podcast & webinar service offering online veterinary continuing education, cares about your mental health! What hints do you have for stress-relief?


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