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January 17, 2017: Interventional Radiology: How do we apply it to real-life

VETgirl understands that ivory tower medicine is not available to most, and not necessary for many. We practice real-life medicine. We offer no heroic proclamations or drama! Practicing real life medicine is tough and we understand that we are all in the trenches together. For VETgirl ELITE members only, we present VETgirl Real-Life Rounds. Real-Life rounds will be an interactive session where VETgirl ELITE members will have the opportunity to interact with specialists during an informal 20-30 minute session on specific topics.

Do honking small breed dogs make you want to run the other way?

When presented with a dog in respiratory distress secondary to tracheal collapse, or when the dog you have been chronically managing is no longer responding to medical therapy, tracheal stenting may be the next best option to manage the airway obstruction. Come learn about what's new with tracheal collapse and what interventional radiology (IR) is all about! In this VETgirl Real-Life Rounds, Dr. Dana Clarke, DACVECC will review the use of interventional radiology in a case-based approach and discuss when we should consider referral for IR. See how life-saving these non-invasive procedures can be!

January 2017
Topic: VETgirl Real-Life Rounds: Interventional Radiology: How do we apply it to real-life veterinary medicine?
Speakers: Dr. Dana Clarke, DACVECC
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Time: 9pm EST (8pm EST, 7pm MST) (Time zone converter HERE)
Total RACE-approved hours: 0.5 hours
Program #: 785-34500

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