Do you need a financial advisor? with Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts

March 2024

In this VETgirl veterinary continuing education podcast, we interview financial advisors  Tom Seeko and CJ Burnett, co-founders of Florida Veterinary Advisors. VETgirl? I have a financial advisor, so the question is, do YOU need a financial advisor? Do you need one who understands the veterinary industry? Tune in as we discuss some of the biggest hurdles that veterinarians experience within their finances, challenges that practice owners can face, and the resources available to the veterinary industry.

Today’s VETgirl podcast is sponsored by Florida Veterinary Advisors. Florida Veterinary Advisors is a national financial planning firm that supports veterinarians, owners, and their teams by translating finances and simplifying the steps to implement great habits. Co-owners, CJ and Tom, started The Smarter Vet Financial Podcast back in 2020 to provide a different way of thinking so people could build up the confidence to tackle their finances head on. To learn more visit www.flvetadvisors.com for an abundance of resources to help you get to the next step in your finances.


Today’s VETgirl podcast is sponsored by Florida Veterinary Advisors. Please note the opinions in this podcast are the expressed opinion of the speaker(s)/sponsor, and not directly endorsed by VETgirl.

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