Creating the Best Future for Your Veterinary Practice with Randy Hall | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts

November 2023

In today’s VETgirl podcast, we talk with Randy Hall, a consultant and leadership expert who helps veterinary practices, as well as fortune 1000 businesses, become more productive and more successful and also helps them build teams that are happier and more engaged. Tune in to learn some of the biggest challenges veterinary practices are facing today, how to deal with the stress and burnout that seems to be more prevalent now, and what we can do to solve the staffing problem right now!

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Today’s VETgirl podcast is sponsored by Royal Canin. Do you encounter FIC patients who are also obese? How about older patients with BOTH CKD and IBD? Or patients with food allergies and urolithiasis? At Royal Canin, we understand that cats and dogs often have multiple health conditions. That’s why we’ve developed highly palatable and digestible Multifunction formulas. Royal Canin supports veterinary teams in managing patients with diverse healthcare needs. Visit my.royalcanin.com/vet/multifunction to learn more.

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