Presenter FAQ

Presenter FAQ

Thank you for presenting at one of our upcoming VETgirl webinars!

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After years of amazing webinars and speakers (such as yourself)…we have compiled a few common FAQs to help in your preparation for the upcoming webinar. If you need any additional help, please email Garret directly!

What do I need to provide in advance of the webinar?
We require your presentation (PowerPoint only – no Keynote, Prezi, etc), video(s), polls/surveys, CE questions or other material you would like to include for the webinar at minimum 7 days in advance of the webinar.  Please send final content only.  Once the content is provided, Garret will send you a confirmation email.  We will prepare the content for the event and provide you with review access to make certain all content has been prepared properly and there are no concerns prior to the session itself.  Regarding CE questions, If your webinar is 0-60 minutes, 5 questions are needed. If your webinar is longer than 60 minutes, 10 questions are needed. Questions can be True/False or multiple choice.

What system do you use to host webinars?
As our membership has grown, we have upgraded to the GoToWebcast platform. This platform was chosen due to it’s ease of use, compatibility across browsers and devices…and importantly because we need to have a platform that can handle our massive attendance for LIVE webinars!  The PowerPoint presentation is uploaded to the server in advance and will appear on your screen similar to how PowerPoint presenter tools would appear on a laptop when you present at a conference.  The platform allows videos, polls/surveys, and other interactive features.  Email Garret directly if you have any questions about these options.  Please note, unlike other webinar platforms, you do not have to “share your screen.”  The presentation is located on a dedicated server for enhanced speed and efficiency.  Prior to the webinar, a member of the VETgirl team will guide you through the platform and make sure you are comfortable!  Especially for login purposes, please review (either or both) this instructional PDF or video tutorial.  If you would like to test the GoToWebcast platform and your device, click here.

Do I need a webcam?
No. The attendees do not see you. Your photo will be present for attendees to “see” you, but a live webcam feed is not used.

Do I need a microphone?
As compared to other platforms, VOIP is not used with this system. The presenter speaks through a phone line. As you will see in the PDF or video tutorial, you will call in with your phone – ideally – a landline (vs cell phone) for better clarity and reception.  A cell phone with headset is not as good as a land line in regards to quality, but is second best. This platform does not allow us (VETgirl) to mute others (you) that are live. Please try to have a phone with a mute button so you can mute yourself when not speaking to decrease background noise.

Any internet recommendations for broadcasting?
Please make sure you have a solid internet connection. It would be preferable to have a wired broadband connection. If not possible, please make sure you have a really strong wireless connection so that your image stream is fluid. Close out of heavy demand internet programs on your computer (e.g. Dropbox, streaming Netflix) and make sure the kids in the house are not playing Fortnite 🙂 .

Who has access to my PowerPoint?
Your PowerPoint is secure.  VETgirl members will be able to download a PDF of your slides (6 slides/page) with the photos removed for copyright reasons.  The PowerPoint itself will not be distributed or available for download.  If you have any additional handouts or material to share, please email Garret directly.

Are there any PowerPoint file requirements?
To deliver the best possible presentation, here are the recommendations:

  • Use PowerPoint 2007 or later (.PPT or .PPTX file)
  • Select On-Screen Show (4:3) or On-Screen Show (16:9) as the Page Setup
  • Do not use timed animations
  • Do not link to external images or spreadsheets
  • Do not use tables created from versions of Excel older than Excel 2007
  • Do not use read-only fonts or embed custom fonts
  • Do not embed audio or video clips within the presentation (see below)
  • Do not use fading or transitional backgrounds (use PowerPoint’s standard animations instead of custom animations)

Can I use my mouse as a pointer to highlight content?
There is no “pointer” on the presentation.  The audience can not see your mouse if you move to point to something.  If you want to point to something specific (anatomy, etc) in the presentation, please add arrows or other graphics to highlight content as needed on the slides.

Can I show video clips in my presentation?
Yes!  At least 7 days in advance we ask that you send us the video files to prepare for the webinar.  Video files can not be embedded in the PowerPoint itself.  They must be sent as separate video files.  Please label the files so they correspond to the slide for that video. (e.g. “Slide 15 – Limping Dog”) .

A few important tips for videos:

  • They must be at least 15 seconds in length.
  • Audio (either a silent soundtrack or actual audio) must be embedded within the file.
  • Once the video starts, the presenter should not stop or pause the video.  Please allow the video to play to completion.  Once the video is over, the video screen will disappear and your slides will again be present.
  • This is very important – do NOT stop the video after you start playing it – it will end and then go away back to your slides.
  • The audience can not hear you when a video is playing.  They can only hear the audio embedded in the video.  Please introduce the video as needed, play the video, then recap if needed when it is done…but you can’t talk over the video while it is playing.

How do I send my presentation to you?
Please email Garret directly.  If the files are too large to send via email, please let Garret know and we can set up a file transfer for you.

Do I need to provide a manuscript?
No 🙂 . Discussed above, we will create a PDF handout.  If you want to provide a manuscript, handout, or other content for users to access and download, please let us know.

Do I retain copyright of my material?
Yes. All the material used in producing the webinar remains the copyright of the presenter and can be used in other formats.  Copyright for the complete recorded webinar belongs to VETgirl, where the webinar will be stored within our on-demand library for VETgirl members.

How long is the webinar?
Prior to each webinar we will contact you to determine if the webinar will be 30 minutes (Real-Life-Rounds) or 60, 90, or 120 minutes (traditional webinar).  For all webinars, a member of the VETgirl team will give a brief 3-5 minute introduction.  At the end of the webinar we will save a 5-10 minute period (approximate) for questions.  For this reason, please save time as needed for the introduction and questions.  For example, if the webinar is scheduled for 60 minutes, be prepared to deliver the content in approximately 45-50 minutes (saving 3-5 minutes at the beginning and 5-10 minutes at the end) . If the webinar is a 90 minute session, be prepared to deliver the content in approximately 75-80 minutes, etc.

Any questions…please email Garret!

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