July 2022

In this sponsored VETgirl online veterinary continuing education blog, Becky Nicholson reviews what The Vets company is all about.

Please note the opinions in this blog are the expressed opinion of the author and not directly endorsed by VETgirl.

‘The Vets’- the Company Revolutionizing Veterinary Care by Reducing Pressure on Vets, Pets and Pet Owners

By Becky Nicholson

The veterinary profession is strained. With pet ownership at a record high following huge increases during the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be a while before veterinarians can match demand. Even if, as a profession, we succeed in training the necessary new recruits, we also need to improve retention.

With increasing episodes of depression, and a three-to-four times higher risk of suicide in veterinarians versus the general population, this issue needs urgent attention. It’s not just the vets – everyone, from vets to vet techs, to support staff, to managers – is feeling the pressure.

The Vets’ offers a path to resolution. We create a working environment for our veterinarians where clinical skills can shine in a low-stress, non-time-pressured setting. We provide high-quality pet care in patients’ homes, nurturing the best opportunities for bonding with clients and pets and bringing ultimate job satisfaction to each and every veterinarian. Our vets feel the benefit of the special bond created by being a true “family vet”, with the intimacy created by the home setting providing a client-vet relationship based on respect.

Who Are We?
The Vets is redefining the pet care industry because we believe healthy pets start with happy vets. The Vets has introduced a new at-home service offering high-quality, fear-free care for pets, and a better quality of life for our unsung heroes – our veterinarians. Marrying state-of-the-art technology with a concierge approach to pet care, The Vets delivers a world-class experience for vets, pets and pet owners.

The Clients
Many clients prefer an at-home veterinary service. Some depend on it. Whether the client has their own mobility constraints and can’t get to the clinic, or the pet finds clinic visits stressful, the flexibility of a veterinary team that comes to you can be a lifeline for many clients. Removing the difficulty of attending a brick-and-mortar clinic can lead clients to seek veterinary help sooner, which leads to better clinical outcomes. Often, owners value the companionship of their pets more highly than almost anything else. Helping them to get advice and medical care without attending the veterinary clinic is fundamentally reshaping how pet owners take care of their pets.

Many recognize the added value of a consultation in a home setting. There’s an increased awareness within the pet-loving community and within our profession that a holistic approach is desirable to provide the best in medical care. How better to assess a patient truly holistically than in their own environment?

With consultations and care occurring in the comfort of our clients’ homes, our team can comprehensively assess the situation in its entirety. A review of many features of a pet’s life can be assessed. Whilst in the home, our vets can examine the ingredients on a food packet or check on bedding arrangements. They might be able to assess the suitability of toileting facilities or examine the pet’s behavior with other animals in the house. Even ‘white coat syndrome’ is reduced, allowing better interpretation of mobility disorders, blood pressure changes, and other symptoms that can be masked when stressed pets attend the clinic. The result is more accurate diagnoses and improved clinical outcomes.

The Patients
Anxious pets can be a challenge. There are feelings of guilt when examining a trembling pet with limited time available to help them feel at ease. It’s not ideal and it adds to the stress of the job. Prolonged waiting times can exacerbate this, adding to vet time pressure and the patient’s anticipatory anxiety.

Seeing a patient in their own home can be the best cure. To many pets, you’re just a visitor, so you’re welcomed as such. For those who still feel anxious, you have time to work gently and gradually to win their trust.

How Do Brick-and-Mortar Clinics Benefit From ‘The Vets’?
In most veterinary clinics, every day is a busy day. Appointments are fully booked, emergencies are demanding attention, and the atmosphere is tense. Patients and clients feel rushed. Any reduction in the demand is going to be a great help.

By bringing pet care home, we remove the need to squeeze appointments into an already overwhelmed clinic diary – giving brick-and-mortar teams more time for patients that must visit the clinic in person.

By engaging clients with good preventative medicine, hospital admissions can be fewer and more predictable. At-home care can be provided for more delicate and time-consuming issues, such as post-operative follow-up, senior care, and euthanasia. Likewise, in the efficiency of time, at-home care is great for more immediate services, such as vaccinations and health certificates. This can greatly reduce the strain on the in-clinic vets’ time.

Home visits save brick-and-mortar reception teams prolonged conversations over the phone and face-to-face. Clients are often more content and satisfied by the indulgence of an at-home appointment, so if they do have to bring their pet in, they feel more at ease knowing the visit is necessary. They’re less likely to query costs and procedures, complain or become unpleasant.

With our tech-enabled, at-home model, we help to reduce the overwhelming volume of consultations required in-clinic per day. Vets are happier, more relaxed, and less fatigued.

Why Working for ‘The Vets’ Can Change Your Life
By providing a much-needed alternative to in-clinic care, The Vets benefits pets, owners, and veterinarians alike.

We offer employees a welcome way to reduce burnout and fatigue whilst boosting morale with a renewed sense of clinical achievement. Unfortunately, compassion fatigue is common amongst overworked vets. We put our vets first – prioritizing veterinarian well-being. You can indulge in the confidence of knowing you only have a handful of clients that day – capped at a maximum of eight. With in-clinic vets seeing anywhere between twenty and forty pets per day, the comparable reduction in time pressure is instantly calming. Additionally, with the added luxury of having a steadfast operations team aiding arrangements for appointments, follow-ups, and referrals, you won’t waste time between appointments. Our vets finish on time – leaving more time for hobbies, family, and rest. A good work-life balance is essential to ensure your longevity as a vet working in our vital profession.

In collaboration with brick-and-mortar vets when needed, you can play an influential role in the patient’s continuity of care and help create the ultimate client-patient-vet bond. You just need to do what you do best – give animals and clients the time they deserve to build trust, so you can optimize your care and utilize your medical prowess to achieve the best outcome. ‘The Vets’ aim to improve the sustainability of individual vets within our profession. For more information, click HERE for career info.

In this sponsored VETgirl online veterinary continuing education blog, Becky Nicholson reviews what The Vets company is all about. Please note the opinions in this blog are the expressed opinion of the author and not directly endorsed by VETgirl.
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