In this VETgirl blog, we demonstrate a temporary solution for entropion in dogs – a temporary eyelid tacking procedure using surgical staples. Entropion – or inversion of eyelid margins – is relatively common in young dogs. Entropion in seen large breed dogs like Mastiffs, Labrador retrievers, and Golden retrievers or small breed dogs like Shar-Peis, Bulldogs, and Pugs. Clinical signs include excessive lacrimation, squinting, and pawing at the eyes, and can result in corneal ulceration.

Entropion may resolve in young, growing dogs with this temporary eyelid tacking procedure. If entropion does not resolve, the temporary eyelid tacking procedure can be repeated until the adult facial confirmation has been reached (e.g., 8-12 months of age). If correction has not occurred by this age, appropriate surgical correction should occur to prevent further damage to the cornea.

A special shout out to our VETgirl ophthalmologist, Dr. Shelby Reinstein for this great video!

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    • Per Dr. Reinstein, DACVO: I leave both staples and sutures in until they either fall out / pull out on their own, or they are no longer assisting with entropion correction (aka not everting the eyelid anymore). This is most often 1-2 months.

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