As I am a father of two – and Justine being a new mom, we have both entered the phase of “just one more.”

As a kid, I’m sure you remember:

  • Before you can have dessert…you need to take just one more bite of your hamburger.
  • Before you can play, you have to read just one more page of your book.
  • Before the weekend… you have just one more day of school.

As adults we also suffer from the syndrome of just one more

  • We have an emergency! Can you see just one more case before you leave for the day?
  • We are short staffed – can you pick up just one more shift?
  • On your day off, can you finish just one more of your records?

We are trained from a young age to think just one more is something negative. We are forced to do this thing just one more time before we get to the good stuff! Whether it is ice cream, the fun of the weekend, or freedom outside of your work environment!

Let’s change the stigma of “just one more” in our personal and professional adult lives.

  • Let’s read just one more book to the kids before they go to bed.
  • Let’s take just one more vacation day each year and not feel guilty! Or maybe more than just one 🙂
  • Let’s make just one more personal phone call to a friend that we haven’t spoken to because of life’s stress!
  • Let’s read just one more fiction novel that makes us smile, rather than having to sift through journal articles and (Admit it…you would rather listen VETgirl podcasts anyway right?)
  • Let’s take the time to have just one more well-balanced meal each week rather than making excuses and eating fast food.
  • Let’s make the effort to go to the gym or go for a walk just one more time each week rather than stressing over work!

Let’s promise…just one more time…to make this just one more syndrome something positive!

Dr. Garret Pachtinger, DACVECC

  1. I love this! Thank you VetGirl for all that you do!!! Ps- can’t wait to see everyone at the VG conference in August! 🙂

  2. I love this! And I appreciate all of the work you guys have been putting towards promoting health and wellness. <3

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