How to Help Your Team Handle Conflict With Client with Randy Hall | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Videos

November 2023

In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education video, Randy Hall, a consultant and leadership expert who helps veterinary practices, discusses how to help your veterinary team handle conflict. When you have a process in place for handling conflict with clients, you don’t have to defend your hard work and effort or rely on your impulses and emotions to guide you during those difficult situations. The first step of the process when handling conflict is de-escalation. Asking thoughtful questions to de-escalate a situation can move an angry client from their emotional and impulsive brain to their “thinking” brain and also create a successful way for you both to face and overcome the conflict together. As the situation begins to de-escalate, you can then pivot into the partnership and solution phase of the process. It’s in this part of the process that you ask permission to move forward in understanding and working through the issue together with them. Like any process, handling client conflict needs to be practiced. Practicing with your team will help you become better at facing conflict, stress less, and provide better care for your pets and clients.

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