Treatment of the hypoglycemic dog or cat | | VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Videos

In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education video, we review hypoglycemia, or a low blood glucose, in our veterinary patient. Hypoglycemia is a common concern in veterinary medicine. Most often we deal with neonates or pediatric patients that come into the ER with neuroglycopenic signs of a low blood glucose including lethargy, weakness, ataxia, altered mentation, and seizures as a result of poor nutritional intake or gastrointestinal illness. However, don’t forget the other causes for hypoglycemia – especially in the adult dog or cat. Rule outs such as xylitol toxicosis or insulinoma are high on the list! You can read more about it in this VETgirl blog HERE. Make sure you know how to calculate a dextrose CRI also in this VETgirl video HERE.

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