In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education blog, we discuss work-life balance and parenting hacks. As busy veterinary professionals and working parents, Garret and I (Justine) get how hard it is to balance working in a veterinary clinic and trying to be a good parent at the same time!

  1. I love instacart, amazon prime etc….
    It is so worth the money. I have loved in the past shopping but it became a source of stress.

    I also agree about bulk meal prep.
    On an off day where I have a little more time- I cook food that I can make in bulk-casserole, meatloaf, soup, enchiladas, etc–to put something into the freezer to keep healthy food readily available for my husband to make. It doesn’t take much more time to double/triple recipe.

  2. Once our son became old enough for chores, we delegated some petcare chores to him. He now pays for his cell phone service by feeding the animals and changing out the litter boxes. He earns extra for helping out with yard work. At first he was upset that he was the only kid he knows who pays for his own cell phone service. But now he has also saved quite a bit of money and is anxious for more work.

    • Love it! They’ve got to earn their keep, and studies have shown that chores and work ethic are so important as a learned skill! 🙂

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