Activated Charcoal – To Give or Not To Give

Decontamination of the poisoned veterinary patient typically includes emesis induction and activated charcoal administration. While the use of decontamination has significantly decreased in human medicine, it is still considered a mainstay therapy in veterinary medicine. Before administrating charcoal to your poisoned patient, however, make sure to weigh the pros and cons. In this VETgirl veterinary podcast, we’lll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the use of activated charcoal.

Thanks to ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for sponsoring this VETgirl podcast!

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  1. I enjoyed the podcast on the use of oral AC for poisoning animals.
    There are AC columns available for hematoperfusion for some specific OD
    of human Ibuprofen. Is there much interest or use of AC columns
    to filter the blood? I have found a few articles that use an AC blood column
    in line with renal dialysis machines. Comments please on the use of AC
    as a blood filter.
    Thanks, Gary

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